We are a specialist property financier with a wealth of experience within the bridging loan industry – our management team have been assisting clients for many years with fast, flexible, short-term security funding for both property and business purposes.

Are you looking to expand your business in London, invest in new assets or just arrange some short-term funding, but finding it a struggle to get the funds? Has your bank been a dead end, and your personal finances not quite big enough to cover the outlay? Have you been turned down in the past because you have bad credit, can’t prove your income or you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Sadly, finding finance can be a minefield, and it’s even more difficult if you are trying to navigate it alone. New assets and capital spending are the driving forces behind business growth and performance, and at Finanta we believe that finance should be an aid, not a barrier which is why more and more people are discovering that a secured bridging loan is the right solution.

It shouldn’t matter what your past circumstances were – the right finance package can help you grow yourself and your business into exactly what you want it to be. That’s why we offer a range of flexible funding options for individuals and businesses, no matter what your credit history or situation.