Independent Mortgages & Loans

Independent Mortgages & Loans Ltd was set up by Managing Director Mr Ryan Hay in November 2002. The company officially started trading in June 2003 and today has over 500 clients on its database. Ryan started in the financial services industry in 1997 were he began to work for various insurance companies and studied hard for his financial qualifications, the Financial Planning Certificate. He achieved all these by 1999 and has continued to progress throughout the financial services sector to his current position as Managing Director of Independent Mortgages & Loans.

At Independent Mortgages & Loans we firmly believe that our number one priority is our clients and we always aim to make sure that they are treated fairly and professionally in dealings with our company. To enhance this as part of our popular remortgage service we build in a contact schedule with our clients to make sure that they are on the most suitable deal to meet their current needs and circumstances.