The Irish League Of Credit Unions
Whether you're looking for THE 'if not now, then when' ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME HOLIDAY LOAN, or THE 'I think I might break if I don't get away soon' SHORT BREAK LOAN, come and talk to your local credit
Bannvale Credit Union
To provide for the needs of our members, by updating and improving the services we offer. We are a "not for profit, but for people" financial co-operative. We are owned by you the members and governed
Logbook Loans Ni
We'll arrange to meet you, either at your home, or somewhere convenient. We do not work with England, Scotland, and Wales. We're the only Northern Ireland owned and operated Logbook Loan company, and
Established in 2010, Certus offers a broad range of customer and portfolio management services for banking organisations across Ireland. Our services can be customised to suit each client's individual
Ormeau Credit Union
Perhaps it's time for you to consider joining more than 7000 local people who enjoy doing their "saving and borrowing" at their local credit union. Ormeau Credit Union is self-help cooperative
An Independant Mortgage Solution
We pride ourselves on the customer service we provide to all our clients. The ESTAS recognize and reward quality service based on research conducted among homeowners in the UK. Winning an ESTA
Larne Credit Union
The principles of CO-OPERATION and SELF HELP, with a view to helping families and individuals in the Larne area to improve their quality of life, were the motivating factors in the setting up of Larne
Skyline Direct
Skyline Direct can provide you with loans and Love2Shop high street shopping vouchers with repayment options to suit your needs. We've been a trusted name in home credit in Northern Ireland for over
Ulster Community Investment Trust
More and more community enterprises are realising that grants cannot fully meet all of their funding needs. It is now becoming necessary for them to generate their own capital in order to fulfil both
Ulster Bank
Registered in Northern Ireland. Registration Number R733 Registered Office: 11-16 Donegall Square East, Belfast BT1 5UB. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the